Enjoy sitting and drinking and making repetitive memories. Helma Hotel Café will host your loved ones

The finest ingredients along with the best cooking for the guests of Helma Hotel. Full board reservation including breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Hotel Helm is an enjoyable experience.

The best chefs are here to cook the best foods for the best guests, we are proud to host you at the Halma Hotel.

The best ones are gathered together to provide you an open buffet restaurant upon your reservation type. We do offer full board plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Helma Hotel which is an enjoyable experience.

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هتل حلما

HelmaHotel  .  Emam Reza 26  .  Mashhad  .  Iran

TEL +985138550504    .   FAX +985138554070   .   E.MAIL : info@HelmaHotel.com

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