IPTV service is a protocol service that enables audiences to connect to a TV with a specific set up box which enable the access to the movies and serials, music, live broadcast, weather, news of the day, website, online shopping, games and more.

In this newest and fully advanced technology, the digital TV is provided on a service infrastructure by using the latest equipment of the day which these services can be accessed by a broadband connection. There are a few hotels in Mashhad that use the IPTV system which Helma Hotel in Mashhad is one of them that has this system in all of the rooms and lobby with useful programs & shows.

In addition to a huge source of the finest, newest films, shows and music, it is also offering some of the following:

- Restaurant, coffee shop menu, laundry services and order reservations in this hotel by guest

- Hotel cameras viewing for guests

- Feedback, comments and connection with the hotel directors

- Show required guides for the guests from various services and facilities, including hotel safety box, food service timing, telephone numbers and etc.

- Viewing all official and provincial television networks of the Islamic Republic of Iran

- Useful information about Mashhad's pilgrimage and tourist sites and the map of Mashhad

- Viewing the latest issue of newspapers in the country, display important sites and weather information of Iran and the world

- The Holy Quran along with beautiful audio that can be displayed simultaneously, as well as valuable speeches and praying.


هتل حلما

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